At Serenity Home Health Care System, Inc. we provide support for the client and the family when they face a health crisis.

In most cases, these families cannot keep up with housework – and for a good reason. They focus too much on the recovery and health management of their family member which is more important and should be the priority at the time.

Does your loved one have an illness that needs constant care and attention? We can help! Serenity Home Health Care System, Inc. offers housekeeping services to help you keep up with housework while you care for your family member. We keep the most commonly used areas in your home tidy, clean and as free from potential health hazards as possible.

Our housekeepers will clean and tidy up your:

  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Area
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom

For more information about services available to you and your family from Serenity Home Health Care System, Inc. please contact us at 651-493-4536. We look forward to contributing to your recovery and better quality of life in your home.

Mission Statement
Serenity Home Health Care System, Inc. is fully dedicated to giving individual clients and their loved ones with supportive care that is derived from quality training of staff and customized home health care services.  About Us »
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