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Welcome toSerenity Home Health Care System, Inc.

Privately-owned. Independently-operated. Fully compassionate care!

Serenity Home Health Care System, Inc. is a provider of structured care services to individuals who are homebound with health difficulties. We care for patients who have recently been hospitalized or those who underwent major surgery. We help clients with injuries and illnesses recover in their own homes. Serenity Home Health Care System, Inc. also attends to elderly individuals who just need a little help getting by day to day living.

Our home health services benefit the client just as much as it does the family members. With our services, family members get the peace of mind that their loved one is receiving professional care even after they’ve exited the hospital. Home Health Care also reduces the risk of re-hospitalization and leads to lesser health care costs.

home-thumbSerenity Home Health Care System, Inc. is state-licensed, bonded and insured. We are fully qualified to be your care providers in your home.

Benefits ofHome Health Care
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There are so many benefits that home health care can offer to you and your loved one. In your home, we provide customized care services that target your essential needs. We promote your recovery and better quality of life! Click Here »
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Mission Statement
Serenity Home Health Care System, Inc. is fully dedicated to giving individual clients and their loved ones with supportive care that is derived from quality training of staff and customized home health care services.  About Us »